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Please enter your information as it should appear on the LHT Roster!  *As of 2005, Luxury Home Tour, Inc. has instated a requirement that REALTOR® Members be affiliated with a local association. Affiliation with an association is necessary to obtain an MLS code, thus this code is necessary for REALTOR® membership into LHT.

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* 1.) LHT Realtor members in good standing may go on the tour of homes. An Affiliate LHT member may accompany a Realtor member on Tour, but may not provide comments on the tour comment sheets.

* 2.) To be eligible for Tour, a home must not have been on tour during the previous 12 months.

* 3.) In order for a home to be scheduled for Tour, the listing agent, co-list or member of his/her team must have attended two of the immediately preceding three Tour meetings. All must be members of the Tour for attendance.

* 4.) The listing agent, co-list or member of his or her team must attend the Tour meeting the day the agent's home is on Tour. Alternate must be a Tour member.

* 5.) LHT prohibits photographs at the meeting or on the Tour without written permission of the Board of Directors.

* 6.) Only Realtor members in good standing are permitted to tout at meetings and only if they have secured an official tout card.

* 7.) Brochure display is automatically permitted for Realtor members and by resolution of the Board of Directors for Affiliate Volunteers only.

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